Invitations cards for wedding Dublin


Wedding is one of the most important events in life. Everyone wants it to be tight as a drum. Every detail needs to be on spot: place, decoration, wedding cake and even…invitations cards. Here what you have to know about them!

Invitation cards for wedding should match to the theme and color scheme of the whole ceremony. They can be classic, vintage or totally original (for example invitation cards with photographs of future marriage). But primarily they have to perform the informative function. So the most important aspect is legibility. Maybe some fonts look nice, but they can be hard to read (for example strong italics). Do not forget about it, while choosing perfect font for your invitation.

Invitations cards for wedding dublin contain following details:
– who is inviting? (This formula should be written in third-person plural form. Usually woman’s name is written first.)
– what?, when?, where?
– it is important to use formula „bring plus one” if inviting person who is not in any official relationship
– if guests have children it is necessary to include them in invitation cards
– on the invitation card there should not be date of sending or inviting person signature.

It is in a really good taste to give invitation cards for wedding personally, of course if there is such possibility. If it is not possible, you should not only send invitation by mail, but also call your guests. The best time to do that is at least three months before ceremony. Some couples do this only a month before date of wedding. It is not a good idea. Your guests can already have their own plans, especially if wedding is in the summer and they could have booked their holidays. It is important to give guests time to adjust their plans to forthcoming ceremony and confirm their participation. Wife-to-be and husband-to-be should also order about ten percent invitations more that they think they need, just in case. Sometimes when planning such an important event, you can forget about someone you haven’t seen for a while.